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Famous People from Arlington

Famous People from Arlington

Arlington sits just outside Washington and is home to the Pentagon so there have been plenty of famous people that have passed through town from military leaders, to journalists and politicians but none of these really call Arlington home.  Let’s take a look at some of the famous people from Arlington who were born and raised here.

Katie Couric

There are no shortage of journalists that have a local address in Arlington allowing them to cover what is happening down the road in Washington, but only one can claim she was born and raised here and that is Katie Couric.  Katie’s father was also a journalist, starting out at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and later at the United Press in Washington.  Katie got her education through the Arlington school system eventually graduation from Yorktown High School.

Warren Beatty & Shirley MacLaine

Not many towns can claim not one, but two Oscar winning entertainers but Arlington is home to siblings Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine.  The famous pair were actually born in nearby Richmond but grew up in Arlington.  Beatty was a football player for his high school Washington-Lee Highway.  Both started in show business acting at the National Theater in Washington, DC.  The pair would go on to become Hollywood A-listers but they still call Arlington home.

Sandra Bullock

It seems that Arlington is rich with Oscar winners as Sandra Bullock was also born and raised in Arlington.  The Blind Side actress also went to Washington-Lee High School where she got her start with high school theater productions.

Patch Adams

You are probably familiar with the famous doctor from the Robin Williams movie of the same name.  The doc was born in Washington DC but moved to Arlington as a child, in 1963 he graduated from  Wakefield High School.  Despite the huge success of the movie the doctor was less than impressed, claiming in only portrayed him as a funny doctor ignoring the rest of his work.  He also claimed that promised donations to his hospital were never forthcoming.

Gore Vidal

Born Eugene Louis Vidal spent time as a child growing up in Merrywood, the famous McLean estate.  His mother Nina Gore married local lawyer Hugh Auchincloss and even after their divorce Gore Vidal would still come and spend time at the estate.  Aushincloss would later go on to marry Janet Bouvier, mother of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  The home would serve as the inspiration for Vidal’s novel Washington D.C. published in 1967.

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Best Neighborhoods to Live in Arlington

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Arlington

Are you planning a move to Arlington Virginia in the near future? Do you need help knowing where to start? Let me show you some of their best neighborhoods to make for a pleasant stay.

Tara – Leeway Heights

According to, Tara – Leeway Heights is where you want to start your search. They have a median income of $215,656. The average value of a home is $810,000. If your main reason for moving is because of high crime, then look no further because they have a low rate of 432 per 100K people. Which is less than the U.S. average. The employment rate is very well also. It has a 249 % rate. If you have kids, you wouldn’t have to worry about low test scores because this neighborhood brings a high graduation rate of 97%.

Lyon Village

Lyon Village is another neighborhood that you will be happy to call home. According to, this neighborhood has some great surrounding areas that allows it to be considered the suburbs. Isn’t that sweet? It has a median income of $167,983. The average home value is $943,200. The crime rate per 100,000 people here is also 432. And you wouldn’t have to worry about finding work here because their unemployment rate is only 2.2%.


The next neighborhood that you would be happy to call home is Waycroft – Woodlawn. According to, their average income is $238,548. The average home value is $860,380. Also it has a low rate of crime, as well as low unemployment with a mere 1.1%. According to, this is another family-friendly neighborhood where people tend to have political views. Most residents of this neighborhood are home owners which can be proven with their high housing rate. Looking for a great school system with also a great night scene? Waycroft – Woodland is one of the places you would want to be.


Last on the list is Yorktown, which is a neighborhood that is also considered to be family friendly. They have a very low crime rate according to This neighborhood is also known for having more home owners than renters. That is something to definitely consider if you’re looking to purchase in the near future. The median income is $193,824. The female residents are even bringing in around $78,000 a year. The Unemployment rate is fairly low standing at 2. 4%.

Those are some of the top neighborhoods that Arlington has to help you call Virginia home..

Happy moving!

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Things to Do in Arlington VA

Things to Do in Arlington VA

Are you planning to visit Arlington, VA? If yes, then know that you have made the right decision. Arlington, VA is one of the most visited tourist destinations with many awesome things to see and do. There is something for everybody here and therefore you can come with your family and friends and have tons of fun together. Let’s look at some fun things you can do while in Arlington, VA.

  1. Go To The Pentagon.

Your Arlington, VA trip would be considered incomplete if you left without making a visit to the Pentagon. This is one of the most unique buildings that you should witness on your own. For the best experience when visiting the Pentagon, make sure that you make advanced planning. You will not be allowed to take pics in this building and so you will not need to bring your camera here. The takes up to one hour and leaves you having an unforgettable experience.

  1. Go To The Parks

Yet another fun thing you can do while in Arlington, VA is to visit the numerous parks found here. Our friends at Tree Service Keller recommend visiting the Potomac Overlook Regional Park. It is situated in very unique location where you can easily access the Potomac River. You kids will definitely fall in love with the fascinating nature of the park and enjoy playing in the playground offered in the park. If you decide to hike through the Potomac Heritage Trail you will witness the wonderful views of the Potomac River.

  1. Mount Vernon Trail

Another fun thing you enjoy while in Arlington, VA is biking and hiking along Mount Vernon Trail. This trail begins at George Washington (an estate in Mount Vernon) and stretches up to Theodore Roosevelt Island, covering a total of 18 miles. You will enjoy the fascinating views of Potomac River, wetlands, woodlands, and Washington DC as you walk or ride along the trail.  Here is a look at the trail.

  1. See A Show

One thing you will discover about Arlington, VA is that there are a lot of theaters where you can go and have as much fun as possible. For instance, you can go and witness the performances at Signature Theater, Synetic Theater, Wakefield Theater Arts, etc.

The above are some fun things that you can do while in Arlington, VA. Ensure that you don’t miss any of these whenever you come to Arlington, VA.

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Touring the Pentagon

Touring the Pentagon

Unless you have lived your life completely isolated from every form of media then you have probably heard of the Pentagon.  The Pentagon is found in Arlington, Virginia and it is the headquarters of the Department of Defense.  It is a massive building that employs more than 25,000 military and civilian employees.  It is called the Pentagon because it has five sides, five floors and five ring corridors.  That may not sound like much but there are almost 18 miles worth of walkways with the center courtyard having 5 acres.  It is a “no hat, no salute” zone meaning military personnel don’t salute or wear hats.  Touring the Pentagon is a must do if you are in Arlington but you will need to prepare ahead of time.

Protesting Outside the Pentagon

During the Vietnam War there were plenty of protests that went on outside the Pentagon but a couple of them stand out.  In 1967 there was an anti-war protest that drew a crowd of more than 35,000 people.  It was put together by the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, here they confronted more than 2,500 armed soldiers.

Attacks on the Pentagon

In 1972 after the Nixon administration ordered attacks on Hanoi in the last stages of the war in Vietnam the organization known as the Western Underground Organization planted a bomb in one of the bathrooms at the Pentagon.  The bomb caused extensive water damage ruining computer tapes that held classified information.  The last and most violent attack on the Pentagon came on September 11 when the hijacked plane crashed into the building killing everyone on board along with more than a hundred staff members in the building.

Touring the Pentagon

After the 9/11 hijacking you can only tour the Pentagon if you book in advance.  You must have a group of at least five people and it needs to be from a school, another government agency, military unit or a boy/girl scout troupe.  You can tour as a member of the general public but those requests need to come from a state representative and reserved at least three weeks ahead of time.  Tours of the Pentagon are always free but not easy to book.

The volunteers who conduct the tour are all from the military and the tour will take about 90 minutes and you’re going to walk about a mile and half altogether.  There are a number of displays that you will get to see along  the way, some from each branch of the Armed Services along with the mission of the Department of Defense.  More than 100,000 people tour the Pentagon each year, make sure that you check it out next time you visit Arlington.

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