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Things to Do in Arlington VA

Things to Do in Arlington VA

Are you planning to visit Arlington, VA? If yes, then know that you have made the right decision. Arlington, VA is one of the most visited tourist destinations with many awesome things to see and do. There is something for everybody here and therefore you can come with your family and friends and have tons of fun together. Let’s look at some fun things you can do while in Arlington, VA.

  1. Go To The Pentagon.

Your Arlington, VA trip would be considered incomplete if you left without making a visit to the Pentagon. This is one of the most unique buildings that you should witness on your own. For the best experience when visiting the Pentagon, make sure that you make advanced planning. You will not be allowed to take pics in this building and so you will not need to bring your camera here. The takes up to one hour and leaves you having an unforgettable experience.

  1. Go To The Parks

Yet another fun thing you can do while in Arlington, VA is to visit the numerous parks found here. Our friends at Tree Service Keller recommend visiting the Potomac Overlook Regional Park. It is situated in very unique location where you can easily access the Potomac River. You kids will definitely fall in love with the fascinating nature of the park and enjoy playing in the playground offered in the park. If you decide to hike through the Potomac Heritage Trail you will witness the wonderful views of the Potomac River.

  1. Mount Vernon Trail

Another fun thing you enjoy while in Arlington, VA is biking and hiking along Mount Vernon Trail. This trail begins at George Washington (an estate in Mount Vernon) and stretches up to Theodore Roosevelt Island, covering a total of 18 miles. You will enjoy the fascinating views of Potomac River, wetlands, woodlands, and Washington DC as you walk or ride along the trail.  Here is a look at the trail.

  1. See A Show

One thing you will discover about Arlington, VA is that there are a lot of theaters where you can go and have as much fun as possible. For instance, you can go and witness the performances at Signature Theater, Synetic Theater, Wakefield Theater Arts, etc.

The above are some fun things that you can do while in Arlington, VA. Ensure that you don’t miss any of these whenever you come to Arlington, VA.

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