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Best Neighborhoods to Live in Arlington

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Arlington

Are you planning a move to Arlington Virginia in the near future? Do you need help knowing where to start? Let me show you some of their best neighborhoods to make for a pleasant stay.

Tara – Leeway Heights

According to, Tara – Leeway Heights is where you want to start your search. They have a median income of $215,656. The average value of a home is $810,000. If your main reason for moving is because of high crime, then look no further because they have a low rate of 432 per 100K people. Which is less than the U.S. average. The employment rate is very well also. It has a 249 % rate. If you have kids, you wouldn’t have to worry about low test scores because this neighborhood brings a high graduation rate of 97%.

Lyon Village

Lyon Village is another neighborhood that you will be happy to call home. According to, this neighborhood has some great surrounding areas that allows it to be considered the suburbs. Isn’t that sweet? It has a median income of $167,983. The average home value is $943,200. The crime rate per 100,000 people here is also 432. And you wouldn’t have to worry about finding work here because their unemployment rate is only 2.2%.


The next neighborhood that you would be happy to call home is Waycroft – Woodlawn. According to, their average income is $238,548. The average home value is $860,380. Also it has a low rate of crime, as well as low unemployment with a mere 1.1%. According to, this is another family-friendly neighborhood where people tend to have political views. Most residents of this neighborhood are home owners which can be proven with their high housing rate. Looking for a great school system with also a great night scene? Waycroft – Woodland is one of the places you would want to be.


Last on the list is Yorktown, which is a neighborhood that is also considered to be family friendly. They have a very low crime rate according to This neighborhood is also known for having more home owners than renters. That is something to definitely consider if you’re looking to purchase in the near future. The median income is $193,824. The female residents are even bringing in around $78,000 a year. The Unemployment rate is fairly low standing at 2. 4%.

Those are some of the top neighborhoods that Arlington has to help you call Virginia home..

Happy moving!

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